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yon tan rin po che'i mdzod dga' ba'i char zhes bya ba

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गुन कोश रत्न प्रमोद वृष्टि नाम

guna kośa ratna pramoda vṛṣṭi nāma




The Rain of Joy, the Treasury of Precious Qualities

The verbal equivalence is as follows: guna/yon tan/quality; kosha/mdzod/treasure; ratna/rin po che/precious; pramoda brishti/dga' ba'i char/rain of joy; nama/ zhes bya ba/named. The word "Qualities" appears in the title because this text is a source of all the qualities that derive from a correct following of the stages of the paths associated with the three classes of spiritual practitioners. These qualities are "Precious" because it is through the practice of these paths that all the desirable aspects of the twofold aim* are achieved. Furthermore, this text is such a mine of excellent teachings and expressions that it may properly be called a "Treasury." Finally, since it is like a pleasant shower for those who wish to cultivate in their hearts a harvest of virtuous activities, the text is called a "Rain of Joy." The terms nama in Sanskrit and zhes bya ba in Tibetan are the conventional indications of a title. In sum, the Treasury of Precious Qualities is like a rich thesaurus productive of all the qualities of the path and its fruit. (Longchen Yeshe Dorje, Kangyur Rinpoche) [TPQ, 2010]




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