phun sum tshogs pa lnga



cinco perfeições

O mestre perfeito, ensinamento perfeito, lugar perfeito, discípulos perfeitos e tempo perfeito.


five perfections, five excellences.

The perfect teacher, teaching, place, disciples and time. [WOMPT]

The five perfections of place, teacher, retinue, time, and teaching. According to the Śrāvakayāna, this refers to the Buddha Śākyamuni and the various moments and geographical locations in which he expounded the Dharma to his disciples. According to the Mahāyāna, this refers to the sambhogakāya buddhas such as Vairocana, expounding the teachings of the Great Vehicle in various buddhafields, in the eternal present beyond time, to a vast retinue of bodhisattvas residing on the tenth ground. In the latter case, the five excellences are also called the "five certainties" (nges pa
lnga). [TPQ]