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Instructions [draft]

Main points:


How to input a new Tibetan term

- First, make sure the term does not exist already (keep in mind, that the database allows for double entries, so it will not warn you that a term exists already).

- Press the link called "input new tibetan term" and fill out the form fields.

Edit an existing entry :

- Search for the term you wish to work on and press "edit".

- The database is built on the basis of the Wylie term and Skt term there, so once submitted these spellings can only be edited by the lexicon site administrator.

- To edit the Wylie"or the Skt, write to, stating with the necessary changes. 

Seeing all the info about a term in all languages :

- Search for the term you wish to work on and press the term inWylie.

- This will show you an overview page of that term. 

Searching the database 

- The search bar by default allows searchs in your working language, plus Wylie and Skt.

- To search in other languages, press the + sign.

Table alphabetic sorting:

- By default, the table lists the last updated term first, i.e. updated in the database, by any translator, not necessarily yourself.

- Press the = sign for other other sorting options. Note that empty entries in the chosen language appear first, scroll down to find the terms.

- Due to database configurations beyond our reach, all the words starting with capital letters are listed before those in small caps; i.e, "A, B, C," then "a, b, c".

- Words starting with letters with diacritics will not be in the standard alphabetic order.


Staging to public display

- Once a term is ready for public display, tick the box "ready for display". 

- Moving of terms from the staging to the public display will be done every month.

- The term will then be finalised by introducing the Tibetan and Devanagari script, and also enabling simplified Sanskrit search.

- Only the administrator can make a term visible in the public area, so if you would display a term, or remove from display, please write to the administrator.

Different points of view

- If and when there are differing points of view as to how to translate a term, please include your initials after your option,. ex.: peace (JD).

For assistance, write to:

- lexicon website administrator: André Rodrigues -

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