rig pa

conhecimento/ cognição/ saber/ ciência




conhecimento, saber, ciência, capacidade mágica, encantamento


cognosciência*, conhecimento**, sapiência, saber, estar ciente, conhecer, razão

No contexto da Grande Perfeição, trata-se de um termo relativo à natureza da mente e à sua qualidade intrínseca, isto é, o estado original da mente, aberto, vasto, luminoso, e além do pensamento. No contexto filosófico, refere-se ao pensamento lógico e à razão. Noutros contextos, pode referir-se ao conhecimento, saber, ou ciência.

*contexto dzogchen, **contexto outros.


awareness (Dzogchen context), knowledge.

The original state of the mind, fresh, vast, luminous, and beyond thought. [WOMPT][ZT 2006]

Commentary on the verse 213 "Treasure of Pith Instructions" by By Khenpo Jamyang Drubpe Lodro (Domang Khenpo). Word to word commentary called "Mirror that Illuminates the Meaning," pg 319.

"In the face of Rigpa, when any thought moves, just like in the space when birds fly, they don’t affect the space whether in a positive or negative way, for the path of the birds do not leave any imprints in the space. In the same way, know the movements (thoughts) as naturally liberating and take this knowledge on the path.
In this way, whatever appears or whatever is perceived, or whatever remains or moves, all these expressions of Rigpa are inseparable with it in being groundless or primordially liberating.
Rigpa is thus free from extremes/liberated from extremes, impartial/free from boundaries, primordially pure or naturally liberating from the basic foundation. With this knowledge, subsume them all in the space of view."

The primordial state of the mind, clear, awake, free from grasping: the union of emptiness and clarity. [LLB 2002]