phyir mi 'ong ba



aquele que não retorna



The śrāvaka level of realization, the attainment of which implies no further rebirth in the desire realm. This is not to be confused with the Mahāyāna level of nonreturner, which indicates that the bodhisattva in question will not return to the samsaric state of mind, even though he or she will continue to manifest in the world in order to assist others. [TPQ]

In the context of the Basic Vehicle, a state of realization where one will no longer be reborn in the desire realm. It is the stage before the attainment of the level of Arhat. In the context of the Great Vehicle, a Bodhisattva Non-Returner is one who cannot return to a samsaric state of mind, though he may still mani- fest in samsara to benefit beings. [NLF 2005]

A level of spiritual attainment after which it is impossible to fall again into the sufferings of samsara. [LLB 2002]