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གཟུགས་ཁམས , གཟུགས་ཀྱི་ཁམས

gzugs khams, gzugs kyi khams

mundo/ reino/ domínio da forma

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elemento, região da forma


mundo da forma


world of form, realm of form, form realm.

The second of the three worlds of existence. It is divided into four levels of samadhi which, all together, are again subdivided into seventeen spheres. These are the heavens of: (1) the Pure (tshangs ris); (2) Priests of Brahma (tshangs pa'i mdun na 'don); (3) Great Pure Ones (tshangs chen); (4) Dim Light ('od hung); (5) Measureless Light (tshad med 'od); (6) Clear Light ('od gsal); (7) Lesser Virtue (dge chung); (8) Limitless Virtue (tshad med dge), (9) Flourishing Virtue (dge rgas); (10) Cloudless (sprin med); (11) Merit-Born (bsod nams skyes); (12) Great Fruit (bras bu che); (13) Not Greater (mi che ba); (14) Without Distress (mi gdung ba); (15) Manifest Richness (gya nom snang ba); (16) Good Vision (shin tu mthong ba); (17) Akanishta (the Unsurpassed, ‘og min). This realm is characterized by the absence of gross afflictive emotions. Beings in the form realm remain in blissful states of meditative concentration. [TPQ, 2010]

The second of the three worlds, comprising the twelve realms of the four concentrations and the five pure abodes.[TLWF, 2011] [ZT, 2006][OMS, 2018][NS]

The second of the three worlds. [GWPT, 2004]



monde de la Forme

monde situé entre le monde du Désir et le monde du Sans Forme, où demeurent des dieux au corps de lumière libres des formes grossières du désir mais encore attachés à une forme corporelle. [POL, 1999]

[TDPQ, 2009]

*CC [RL, 2010][GE][G-T]


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