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འཕགས་པའི་ས , ས , བྱང་ཆུབ་སེམས་དཔའི་ས

'phags pa'i sa ; sa ; byang chub sems dpa’i sa


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bhūmi (o), nível, terra


bhūmi, bodhisattva levels, bodhisattva grounds, level, ground, earth, noble levels

The ten levels of realization reached by Bodhisattvas on the paths of seeing, meditation and beyond learning. In some classifications additional levels are added. "These levels are sublime because they are far beyond ordinary beings." DICT.

Ground or level. In the Mahāyāna, the ten grounds of bodhisattva realization (so described from the point of view of post-meditation experience only) extend from the path of seeing through the path of meditation and culminate in the attainment of the path of no more learning, which is buddhahood. The first seven grounds are termed impure, because the defiled emotional consciousness (which, turning toward the ālaya, is what constantly conceives of "I") is still present in the mind of the yogi, and, even though not active, this results in the perception of a distinction between the observing mind and the object observed (gnyis snang). On the eighth ground, this defiled consciousness is removed, with the result that the strongest manifestations of this dualistic appearance are dissipated. On the ninth and tenth grounds, even the most subtle traces of this gradually cease. According to the Hīnayāna, there are eight grounds of realization. According to the Vajrayāna, there are thirteen grounds or more. [TPQ, 2010]

lit. “levels of the noble ones.” The ten levels of realization reached by bodhisattvas on the paths of seeing, meditation, and no more learning. In some classifications additional levels are added. [OMS, 2018]

See bodhisattva levels.[OMS, 2018]


bhūmi, niveles de los bodhisattvas, nivel, tierra

Los diez niveles de realización alcanzados por los bodhisattvas en los caminos de la visión, la meditación y más allá del aprendizaje. En algunas clasificaciones se agregan niveles adicionales. "Estos niveles son sublimes porque están mucho más allá de los seres ordinarios". DICT


bhoumis, Terres des Bodhisattvas (dix), terre*, niveau*, Terre sublime, Degré

voir Terres des Bodhisattvas. [SAYT, 2014] [CGP, 1997]

les différents degrés de la progression du Bodhisattva, depuis la première Terre où il réalise le sens de la vacuité, jusqu'à la dixième après laquelle il devient Bouddha. [SAYT, 2014]

terre des bodhisattvas, niveau de réalisation atteint par les bodhisattvas sur la voie de la vision, la voie de la méditation et la voie du non-apprendre. Ces « terres » sont appelées sublimes, car « elles dépassent de loin le niveau des êtres ordinaires ». (Grand Dictionnaire tibétain-chinois -bod rgya tshig mdzod chen mo . Pékin 1985.) [POL, 1999]

niveau atteint par les bodhisattvas sur les voies de la vision, de la méditation et celle où il ne reste plus rien à apprendre ; en général, on distingue dix terres. « Ces terres sont sublimes car loin audessus des êtres ordinaires. » (GD) AT : degré des bodhisattvas. [CGP, 1997]

*CC [SPB, 2020][LD, 2017][GE]


livelli o terre dei bodhisattva

I dieci successivi livelli di realizzazione dei bodhisattva sui cammini della visione, della meditazione e di là dall’apprendimento. Alcune classificazioni aggiungono altri livelli. “Questi livelli sono detti ‘sublimi’ perché ben al di là degli esseri comuni”, GD.

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