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འཇ་ལུས, འཇའ་ལུས

'ja lus, 'ja' lus

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corpo de arco íris


rainbow body

The rainbow body, synonymous with the diamond body (rdo rje sku), is the name given to the attainment of Buddhahood according to the practices of the Great Perfection of the Nyingma school. There are three kinds of rainbow body: the rainbow body so called ('ja lus), the radiant body ('od sku), and the rainbow body of great transference ('ja lus 'pho ba chen po). The first is attained through the practice of Trekchö. When someone accomplished in this practice dies, his or her body will be seen to emit rainbow light and diminish (often very considerably) in size. After about a week, if left undisturbed, the body will disappear completely, leaving behind only hair and finger- and toenails. Yogis have demonstrated this attainment well into modern times, indeed the present day. The Radiant Body is accomplished through a Dzogchen practice called thögal, and at death the body is transformed directly into light, leaving behind no remainder whatever. In the case of the rainbow body of great transference ('ja lus 'pho ba chen po), the accomplished practitioner trans- forms his physical body into an indestructible form composed of rainbow light and continues to live for centuries, remaining visible for as much this is of benefit for sentient beings. When there is no further purpose for such a manifestation, the practitioner dissolves his or her body into a radiant body and merges into the Primordial Ground. [LLB 2002]


cuerpo de arcoíris

Cuando mueren, los practicantes realizados de la Gran Perfección a veces disuelven gradualmente su cuerpo en la luz del arcoíris, dejando atrás nada más que su pelo y sus uñas (que se consideran partes "muertas" del cuerpo). [VI, 2020]


Corps d'arc-en-ciel

terme de la Grande Perfection désignant différents degrés d'accomplissement. L'ultime corps d'arc-en-ciel, appelé « corps d'arc-en-ciel du grand transfert », est le fruit ultime de la pratique du franchissement direct. À ce stade, tous les agrégats ordinaires sont transformés en corps de lumière, et le pratiquant peut demeurer indéfiniment parmi les êtres pour les secourir. [AGP-1, 2017]


corpo d'arcobaleno

Secondo gli insegnamenti della Grande Perfezione il corpo d’arcobaleno rappresenta il conseguimento dell’illuminazione. Si considerano diversi livelli di corpo d’arcobaleno, tra i quali il più elevato equivale al ‘grande trasferimento’ (’ja’ lus ’pho ba chen po).

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