spyod lam

via de ação/ atividade, comportamento




preceitos de mendicante, 4 posições do corpo


atividades, atividades quotidianas


activity, behaviour, way of action, daily activities, ways of conduct, physical activity.

This term covers a wide range of meanings, including general conduct and the four everyday activities (spyod lam rnam pa bzhi) of moving around, sitting, lying down, and walking. However, in this context “everyday” does not mean “ordinary,” implying that one can forget what one has been meditating on during the session, for it is important to understand that everything one does in the post-meditational period, in between sessions, should still be carried out with a continued awareness of the practice. In a retreat situation, organized into several practice sessions per day, the “everyday” activities in the periods between sessions often include daily prayers, study, and other virtuous activities, in addition to taking meals, washing, and so forth, and even these are transformed into the practices of offering, purification, and so on. [TLWF 2011]