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chos kyi 'khor lo

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roda do Dharma



three turnings of the dharma wheel

The Buddha Śākyamuni gave teachings on three different levels, referred to as the three turnings of the Dharma wheel. On the first occasion at Sarnath, he expounded the doctrine of the four noble truths. Later, at Vulture Peak, he set forth the doctrine of emptiness subsequently recorded in the Prajñāpāramitā sutras. Finally, on various occasions, he gave teachings on the Tathagatagarbha, the buddha nature, such as are recorded in the Sandhinirmochana and other sutras. [TPQ, 2010]

The symbol of the Buddha's teachings. See also Three turnings of the Dharma wheel. [TPQ, 2010]

The symbol of the Buddha’s teaching. To turn the wheel of the Dharma means to teach the Dharma. During his lifetime, the Buddha gave three major series of teachings, which are referred to as the first, second, and third turnings.[TLWF, 2011][NS]

The symbol of the Buddha's teaching. The Dharma is divided into three broad categories, traditionally known as the Three Turnings of the Wheel of the Dharma. The First Turning of the Wheel corresponds to the Buddha's first teachings on the Four Noble Truths of suffering and the release from suffering. The Second Turning consists of teachings on emptiness: the doctrine that all phenomena are devoid of self-entity and true existence. The Third Turning comprises teachings on the Tathagatagarbha, or Buddhanature inherent in the minds of all sentient beings. [TEPTE, 1996]

lit. channel-wheel of reality. See chakra. [WL, 2012]



Roue du Dharma, roue des enseignements

symbole de l’enseignement du Bouddha qui, « comme la précieuse roue (du souverain universel), vainc tout ce qui est défavorable (au bien et à l’Éveil), permet de laisser les (mauvaises) voies et de prendre (les bonnes), d’avancer rapidement, et possède, tels huit rayons, les huit éléments du noble chemin. » (GD) [CGP, 1997]

enseignements ; cycles d'enseignements. Sphère ou maṇḍala du réel. [SEDA, 2019]

symbole des enseignements du Bouddha. [TDPQ, 2009]


ruota del dharma

Simbolo dell’insegnamento del Buddha. Far girare la ruota del Dharma significa insegnare il Dharma. Nel corso della sua vita il Buddha conferì tre cicli maggiori d’insegnamenti, detti i tre ‘giri’, il primo, secondo e terzo giro della Ruota del Dharma.

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